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dealing with major anger

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dealing with major anger

i first noticed the signs of alzheimer's with my mother in november of 2013. it has escalated significantly since then. her doc tries new and different meds to try and help but she slips further and further. i am at my wits end. she lives with my 82 year old dad .  he refuses to get her help (such as a visiting nurse a few times a week)... my daughter, brother and sister help as best they can but she is almost at the stage that she needs live in assistance. how am i going to convince him? he won't listen to any of us or any professionals and is in complete denial about her needs. she is at the stage where she talks and makes zero sense, repeats herself over and over, hides everything. she eats/feeds herself ok for now. all i know of her bathroom habits is she hides her dirty underwear throughout the house until i find them and throw them out. she refuses to wear depends. she refuses lots and lots of things such as music, more than one person visiting her at once, thinking everyone is out to get her. i think it may stem from her childhood experiences with her mother who never really wanted her and it reflects now in her confused state of mind. i wish i could help more. i do my best. please help.


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You are doing your best f

In my experience, sometimes you have to present the options and then wait for your dad to fail and finding get tired and submit to suggestions. 

I have been where you are at and my heart is with you 


Solve the root cause


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