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Is she sleeping too much?

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Is she sleeping too much?

My mom has started sleeping a lot, much more than she ever has in the past.  She sleeps during the day and at night too.  Is this normal or something that I should be concerned about?  She does take medicine to relieve anxiety but she has been taking it for about a year with no side effects other than calming her down.  Should I be worried?

I think there is, bring your

I think there is, bring your mother in her doctor to have checked. She might needed a change of dosage of her medicine or maybe she has aother condition. Hoping your mother will be better.


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I would at least be concerned

I would at least be concerned. My wife has had her thiroid removed and is on Lavithrixon. If she doesn't take it regularly she spends most of her days and nights sleeping, aparently a consequence of lack of meds. Further there is strong chance of having convulsions and possibley death.

I suggest you get her to a doctor, an Endocrinologist a specialist in thiroid problems. It might be something else but that's a place to start.