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21 year old caring for Grandma

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21 year old caring for Grandma

I am 21 years old and I live at my parents' house with my mom's mom, my mom, my dad, and my older sister(recent college grad lots of loans). My grandma has 3 bio children and 2 step kids but it had been all on my family i.e. my mom have been caring for her since my grandpa died 11 years ago. My grandma couldn't live on her own any more because she just couldn't handle a house by herself anymore but she gets sick and weak and needs physical therapy now almost every time she gets sick. I was volunteered for caring for her when she just moved in because I had serve anxiety and depression and didn't leave the house much because of a bullying incident that really mess with in 6th grade but I have been better now for three years and I am starting to dislike my family for sticking me with this. My dad is an alcoholic and well he loves grandma he spends many an hour at most a day with her but complains about it all the time and my mom and sister work full time. The worse thing is my grandma has become my best friend but I just want her to be in assisted living because I am her and she is my only social contact and I feel so guilty and like a failure for just wanting her to be gone. I haven't even had time to learn to drive, I get straight As in online collage and take care of a 2 year old at our house for 40 hours a week. It is just getting terrible for me and I hate my mom's siblings for not being here the worst thing is that she could have afforded assisted living but when she sold her house all of my aunts and uncles had her over for dinner without my mom and told her they should all split the money from the sale of the house right now instead of waiting till she passed away so she wrote out checks right then. I just need to talk to other people who get why I am so pissed off right now.

its time to move on. im
its time to move on. im assumign your a girl. and as you can see from your older sister that college today is not the same as it use to be.. if your not earning a in-demand career your wasting valuable time and money. get a CNA license its quick and easy and if your in a state like florida your prtty much guarenteeda job after graduating. im 22 and i have been caring for som1 for 2 years now. i dont even remember what its like to have more than 24 hours to myself a week(its all i get off a weeek) whats the point of money if your too stressed to spend it reasonably. every hour i go for a walk just to get a breather. i live in a 40 square foot room with only enough room for a matress and refridgerator clothes on are side of bed. alot of the times when i try to use the bathroom i have to stop and get up because person will poop themselves if i dont move. so i said im done. i dont care anywhere near as much because i just got my CNA licnese in the mail.(had to wait 7 months after i finished my class to take the test which was BS as all my classmates toook it within 2 months). so i put money for a gym membership and training and im going to get phsycally fit. and febuary im going to get my first real job and apartment. I CANT WAIT. i was sick as fuck a couple weeks ago and had to leave. i went to my friends house and he 2 DAYS off. we sat around and played video games ate and and drink beer ALLL DAY. WHY??? because i didnt have to clean up a mess every hour. i didnt have to do something to help someone every 30 mins at least. i didnt have to spend 12 hours a day keeping someone from becomming a skinny peice of nothing. I CANT WAIT CANT WAIT TO GET MY OWN APARTMENT i could invite a girl over and even ask if she wants to move in. i could invite my parents to come visit, or let a friend stay the night. if i clean the whole house and i leve for a day. when i come back guess what it will be clean. i will no longer have to get up mid shit. i can take a morning shit in peace. i no longer have to make sure theres beer in the house. no more stupid requests and demands if i take a nap guess what no1 is going to wake me up to ask what time it is. so anyways grow up and realize you are the president of your own live. YOU CHOOSE to live with your parents and put up with this,.everything you are complaining about is your own fault. if your a 21 yearr old girl you have natural value called a vagina. use it. find a guy who will put a roof over your head, feed you, support your goals, and all you have to do is be a good girlfriend(you dont even have to like the guy just make sure to please him sexually and he wont leave) and a man will support you. if your a guy your even luckier. you just need to get fit eat a good diet then get strong. now go get any job and start having sex with 10-20 woman and have them pay for stuff think of it if you get $50 a month from each woman with 10 you have an income of $500. some may give you more some less. only use your time to maximize your profits you can only spend so much time having sex everyday so get the most money for it. anyways think that your young if yo dont start making more than minium wage by the time your 30 then you only have physically value personality doesnt pay the bills. good looks and sex does. your 20s is the time in your life you HAVE to focus on yourself or you will more than likely spend the rest of your life miserable and when your old youll b sad and depressed and not ready to die because you didnt live a good life.