Depressed/Suicidal (Posted in Welcome as well)

Depressed/Suicidal (Posted in Welcome as well)

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Depressed/Suicidal (Posted in Welcome as well)

Since I am new, I posted this on the welcome page as well:

I linked to CAN through an article on "Focus on the Family, which was suggested through a suicide intervention contact.I am 46 and the only caregiver for my Mother who is physically disabled and incontinent. Last year I started a program to complete a degree in elementary education, hoping to combine it with my incomplete education credits started 28 years ago in dance, music, and theatre arts. My hope was to use it all in Ministry, but currently my Faith is deeply challenged, and I don't know what to think about life anymore.

I was laid off from my executive position last August and have not found full-time employment that will fit in with all of my obligations. Financial hardship is another deeply depressing factor. My Mother is 70 years young (she doesn't see it that way) and has given up, leaving me to deal with anything and everything. I have been feeling depressed and suicidal, so I don't know what help will be found here, but I took the advice of a friend and psychologist who suggested this may be a good support group. I was also reminded that suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem, but none if it seems temporary to me right now.  My Mother needs more help than I can give her right now, but with financial limitations, as well as the obstacles my Mother puts up herself, I don't know where to start.

Hello heaven. Yes talking

Hello heaven. Yes talking with people with the same problems as you do can really help reduce the heavy feeling. A lot of us would experience depression especially at very difficult situations but we should not lose hope and be positive in life. Every pain comes to an end.

Hang In There
Hi Heaven. Since I have started being a full time caregiver for my mother, sister and niece (my niece isn't disabled) I have become severely depressed. I previously suffered with depression but I no longer want to get out of bed. You are not alone even when it feels that way. I feel so alone everyday that I just want to cry all day long. I am desperately looking for a support group to join so I can talk with people that get it. Maybe you should do that also or even just an individual therapist. I have had to realize with my mother that you can lead a horse to water but you can't make them drink. Your mother, like you, is a grown woman and makes her own choices about life. You can offer but she has to decide. You have to find peace within with that truth. Feel free to chat me up any time.