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At the End of My Rope

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At the End of My Rope

I care for my 47 year old husband with a brain tumor. He was diagnosed last July and he had surgery in August. It's been a really rough recovery road and prognosis is uncertain. Today was really hard. We spent the whole afternoon at the cancer hospital today. He was really dehydrated and needed IV fluids. He had been having nausea and vomiting. I had to miss half a day of work. The work thing makes me anxious because I just started in Nov. He is forgetful and I get inpatient at times which is embarrassing to admit. I fell apart 3 times at the hospital and really just burst into tears. Sometimes it just feels too much and like a really heavy burden to carry. I'm getting more anxious and depressed. I'm in therapy which is a godsend. I just need to know I'm not alone in this. It just sucks sometimes and so does cancer! Thanks for listening.

I'm caring for my boyfriend
I'm caring for my boyfriend who has a brain tumor so I know how you are feeling. I'm also feeling more anxious and depressed. His tumor is inoperable. Hang in there!!!
It must be so difficult to
It must be so difficult to keep a job and continue caring for your husband. Is there any community resources in your area to help you? Any family to help? I care for my 93 year old father at my house and work part time. I have no family in my state so I know the about feeling isolated and alone. Do either of you women have any time to take care of you? I try to fit in exercise whenever I can it helps me so much. I feel I am releasing stress. Keep me posted and feel free to vent. Patricia

You are not alone. Thinking of you and sending positive thoughts.

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You're not alone, GirlonFire. 

I'm caring for a 70 year old man with Parkinson's. I don't have a lot of physical help, but I have a good internet support network. I'm active on message boards and Facebook, it helps a lot. 


I deeply sympahtize trying to juggle caregivering and work. I hope you follow the suggestions to look for help. 

Hang in there, GoF.