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Feeling Lost and Burned Out

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Feeling Lost and Burned Out

My partner has a rare disease. Little is know about how treat it humans, though it looks like there are getting some results in small white mice. Unfortunately, she is not a small white mouse.

She has been increasingly symptomatic over the past 18 months and rarely leaves the house other than to go to medical appointments.

She came very close to dying a couple of months ago and doctors were surprised she survived the first 24 hours in the hospital.

For some months it fees like my life has been driving her to treatments and sitting with her.

There is that, there is doing something with kid during most weekends, getting 20 -25 calls per week about my elderly mothers unrelated medical condition and occasionally netflix.

In the past few days, people have said that my speech has become artifacted with large pauses.

Forget my antidepressants for a few days.

In theory, starting next week, much of the treatment will be in home. And she will soon be walking on her own and maybe even driving soon.

So maybe it is about to be better.

And maybe I am just getting my hopes up.

Everyone is suddenly optimistic, but there is too little human data for anyone to actually know.

So maybe we are about to be terribly disappointed.

I fear that it is going to be hard to continue being functional regardless of the progress or lack of it in the medical treatment. Two weeks ago, I was "fine," and now it has hit me.