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Fighting throwing in the towel

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Fighting throwing in the towel

My partner just received an additional diagnosis on top of many existing. I'm feeling like I can't handle one more thing. She mostly only leaves home for appointments and as a result is bored & lonely. She lists hobbies she'd like to start and I provide them but then they just sit. Her substance use is increasing and is taking quite a chunk of her monthly income. I'm providing most of our needs, doing all the errands, the only driver. I don't feel like I can tell her what's on my mind because she has such poor self esteem & is so down on herself. I'm also a FT professional health care worker & an only child of parents who need a lot of help right now. I'm not living my values of helping them the way I want to because there isn't enough of me to go around. I'm starting a new job and haven't had the energy to complete the new hire packet. I have multiple mental health diagnoses that make this harder: depression, anxiety, ADD. I have the treatment I need for that & see my providers regularly. But I'm not eating right/exercising because I don't have the energy & I use food for coping.


i am in the same boat. i have two elderly parents who need my help, my partner has a traumatic brain injury and is having non stop mental break downs, i dont have time to have one my self since i have two jobs and i just started my second in a hospital urgent care. I also work with adults that have mental illness and for some reason don't have a hard time working with adults who have mental illness besides my boyfriend. He makes my life horrible most days. I am the only one who has any money and or the only driver and i am also a only child. lately i have been crying and breaking down and letting things bother me that normally wouldn't. I also go to therapy and my Dr regularly but nothing helps. doesn't matter how much someone can give you advice it doesn't take away your partners explosions that come out of no where or in the middle of the night when you are sleeping. I dont know what to do anymore either. im at my wits end because my keeps destroying everything. last night he punches two holes in the wall and pretty sure broke his hand. i think we are in the same boat .