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Five-Minute Stress Buster

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Five-Minute Stress Buster

From Sharecare & Dr. Oz MapQuest and the kids traipsing through the woods may have shortcuts. But life usually doesn't. Sometimes, though, you can use some little tricks to make life easier. If you're short on time, and don't feel like breathing exercises or meditating, try one of these easy, all-natural stress busters. Try one of these -- or all five -- this week, and take note of your stress levels after each one. Did they work? Which one was most effective? 1. Vitamin C helps regulate cortisol -- the stress hormone that affects your heart rate, breathing, and blood pressure. It can even prevent spikes in blood pressure when you're stressed. So eat an orange, a kiwi, or take a 500 mg supplement 4 times a day (3000 mg total) during stressful times, and go back to 1000 mg on a normal day. 2. Black tea contains flavonoids, which help block those "fight or flight" messages in your nervous system. Just one cup, though -- too much caffeine can exacerbate stress. 3. Pistachios are not only the lowest calorie, lowest fat, and highest fiber nut, they also contain nutrients that prevent heart disease, lower cholesterol, and help stop cell damage. One serving is about 50 nuts -- so get cracking! 4. Massage your ears, focusing on the lobes and outer rims of the ear. Both of these pressure points help relax the muscles in your face and body. 5. The spot between your eyebrows is connected to the pineal gland, which is associated with the production of melatonin. Place gentle pressure between your eyebrows, then move your fingers to the middle of your brow, then back.

Thanks for posting these,
Thanks for posting these, Colette! These are really good, easy ways to reduce stress. :-)
Hi Colette. I am not liking
Hi Colette. I am not liking this new forum format at all! I'm finding it difficult to navigate , and trying to find out about specific people from the old forum is a nightmare! I'm sure this is probably not the place to voice my concerns, but like I said, the navigation is terrible! I was specifically hoping to find out how Travis is doing by connecting with travsdad, but can't for the life of me figure this mess out! Everyone from the old forum continues to be in my prayers. Love to all, Joey
Thanks, Joey.
Thanks, Joey. Give your feedback to NFCA through the "feedback" icon on the left. They want to know what we think of the forum so they can "tweek" it. Unfortunately, the posts from the previous forum have not been transferred to this forum. I am still getting used to it. Members from the old forum need to sign up again on this forum. That maybe the reason why you do not see travisdad. You can call Mark at 301-942-6430 to see if he can give you travisdad's email so you can connect. xoxoxo
Thank you for the 5 minute
Thank you for the 5 minute fives. In my hectic schedule, they are most helpful!
Thank you for these stress
Thank you for these stress busters. I shall try them this week.
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@suika you can try

@suika you can try Do a deep breathing practice. Exercise regularly. Effective time management. Practice stretching techniques like yoga. Create a habit of getting enough sleep. Reduce exposure to causes of stress. Meditation and mindfulness. Stress management techniques such as journaling. Take care of yourself and reward yourself. Seek social support.