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Free illustration workshop for caregivers

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Free illustration workshop for caregivers

I run a non profit theater company in Atlanta that creates performance residencies and creative engagement for memory care communities. We have a free online workshop coming up that is geared for caregivers!

Life Illustrated presented by The Object Group

May 21 and June 4 at 7pm

Aging for many can be a complicated, expensive, unpredictable, drawn-out journey. In creating multiple activities engaging with this theme, The Object Group and partner organizations seek to assist the elderly and their caregivers in self-reflection, stress management, and learning medical/artistic techniques to lessen and express the burdens they encounter. 

Join this hands-on workshop and discover creative ways to express your family and memory through graphic illustration. Illustrator and puppetry artist Jeffrey Zwartjes will take you step by step though graphic exercises to stretch your drawing abilities and develop new techniques of visual communication. This workshop is part of a larger project bringing creative engagement to elders in memory care and their caregivers, and exploring the therapeutic power of collaborative art-making.

Our aim with these activities is to facilitate the transformation of our society’s ideas about aging with progressive techniques shared and presented by professionals working at the nexus of creativity and aging.  Caregivers are encouraged to sign up, but ALL are welcome, novices and professionals alike! Participants will finish the workshop with original self-made storyboards and sketches. 

Bring a pen or pencil and paper – an empty sketchbook if possible. If you have colored pencils or markers, bring them, too!

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