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Getting on the SOAP Box

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Getting on the SOAP Box

I don't know if this is the right place, but for once, I just want to take a min to express my own option of anger with the rest of my family members. My mother is over 80 years, and I am her only & primary caregiver. The rest of my family feels they don't have to do anything because they have their own jobs, families, homes, and nice little lives. I have taken care of my mother for the past 4 years while working from home but with long and crazy hrs. Take her to her Dr. Apt, take care of her meds, cook, clean, ( I.e. do it all ). I have to keep my head on a swivel as she has known to act out or act on the voices in her head... I must deal with my own child's trauma and PTSD. To be honest, I have not been taking care of myself due to the fact between work and my mother. I have no time for myself... I live in a pressure pot, that seems to never end. Some days I want to pack my shit and hit the road, but who would be there for her... NOBODY!!!.. Maybe this is my Soap Box, and I just want to rant... But little support from my family.. Some days it can be more than hard...I have had to sacrifice my own career for her care... I should be making twice as much as I getting now, but its not in the cards for me... The idea of a nurse in the house sets my mother off... It's a day-by-day thing, that starts to get to me... what can one do!!!!!


Again, this a raw post, no real formating... Just straight form the gut... 

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Hi, Jost -

Hi, Jost -

I appreciate you sharing this. I think many others can probably some of your pain points - feeling a lack of support from other family and the lack of time to take care of yourself. I am hoping folks will chime in with ways they were able to find that support they needed (by either getting those family members to help more or exploring other options of support) and time to make sure they were taking care of their health and wellbeing. 

There are lots of resources in our Family Caregiver Toolbox that may be helpful but always feel free to reach out to if you're looking for something specific.

Thanks again for posting!


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Establish clear boundaries

Establish clear boundaries regarding what you can realistically handle. It's essential to recognize your limits and communicate them to others. Remember that you're not alone, and seeking help is a sign of strength, not weakness. Caregiving is challenging, and it's crucial to take steps to ensure your own well-being. If you find it difficult to cope, consider speaking to a mental health professional for additional support and guidance.


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