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I am confused

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I am confused

My grand mother is 87 years old, She is physical disabled. My mother is taking care of her till now. She has not good from few days. We are looking for elder care home. Some of my frineds suggested about palm cottages, are senior assisted living facilities. I also personally investigated about this company, offers very good services tp its residents. On other hand, our relatives are saying that we should hire a caregiver for her. I am very confused. I don't know which is best for her. Kindly help me to choose.

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Hi, Robin, 

I take care of a 70 year (advanced) Parkinson's patient and he's been looking into care homes, too. We used A Place For Mom and found them helpful. Free service and they give you a single contact to co-ordinate visits.  That's my experience. 


My guy stayed in an assisted living facilicty for six months, then came home and has been back about a year. He worked with physical therapists there and learned many coping techniques.  We're doing well, but his behaviour has become erratic.


I'm a caregiver myself, so my view is slanted toward independent living as long as possible. 


I just joined the board, and this is the first traffic I've seen. 

Patience is key.


Thanks for your suggestion Khampelf. I will go for independent living as you suggested. smiley

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Glad to.


You're most welcome, Robin.   I hope your mom does well in assisted living,

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Hi. I know how hard it is to

Hi. I know how hard it is to take care of a disabled person. I think it is better to opt for a caregiver. If you prefer an elder care home, she might not feel happy or comfortable. As elder people always don't like changes. They like to follow what they have been following all these years. She may feel lonely. It is just a suggestion

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I am confused

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