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I think I have caregiver depression.

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I think I have caregiver depression.

<p>Hello my name is Joshua and I've been a caregiver for my partner's Mom from June 2022, thru today and I'm not the same anymore I'm not happy, and my partner is feeling it too, and well I just don't know what to do I need help from a support group online who's going thru what I'm going thru, I don't want to leave my Partner, we've been together for 12 years. Help Me please.</p>

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Hi, Joshua -

Hi, Joshua -

Caregiving can have a big impact on relaionships, especially when the caregiving is being shared in that relationship. And that can, in turn, have additional impacts on our mental health. 

A couple of things: if you're feeling that you might have signs of depression, I'd consider taking an online assessment that may help you in starting conversations with your doctors, because following up with your doctor is certainly important if you're noting symptoms of depression. A couple of other resources on our site that might also be helpful for you:

I would also suggest reaching out to the Caregiver Help Desk to see if there any additional supports and services available in your area.

Please take care and reach out of there is anything additional I might be able to assist with.