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Long distance and out on a limb.......

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Mary Dacus
Long distance and out on a limb.......

I don't know just how much of this I can take!!! I have both of my 80+ year old parents in a nursing home 500 miles away. Dad had a stroke a little over 2 years ago. Mom decided after I went back to be with my husband (5 months later) that she wanted to be there, too. So, she just basically walked right in. Then I had to deal with trying to get her qualified for Medicaid. Well, after a year there and many staff members later and a bill up in the $70,000+, they decided to evict her. Since I couldn't leave dad there by himself and even though she was now on Medicaid and Dad was now on Hospice and all his bills were being paid, I had the unfortunate job of finding them a new nursing home. Keep in mind this is in farming communities!!! I live in a city, metropolis, not a farming community or a corn field!! They are now in a corn field nursing home. That was the only choice I had. Now, after less then 2 months there. She hates it there, hates me speaks about like like I am the devil. Tells lies about me that hurt me deeply. She manipulates my dad into calling me because she knows I won't answer the phone if she calls. See she is bi-polar. Since she has been there, she has threatened to hit her roommate with a lamp, and also the staff. She has also threatened to shoot her roommate with a gun and the staff. This has mad the staff send her packing to the local hospital's psych ward 2 times. Now they didn't want her to come back this last time, but they had no where else that she could go. The hospital sent out her information to other places and she has been turned down by several. I am literally losing my mind!! I only have 1 sibling and he helps all he can but he gets so stressed out and then he starts drinking. I am really trying to keep him form drinking. I need him to stay alive. I have 3 children but they are pretty much living their own lives and don't want to be involved. I have a nephew who doesn't have anything to do with his dad and says he only wants to remember his grandparents they way they were. My dad is in great shape for having a stroke. I has all his faculties he just can't walk. I just got a call from a psychologists office and I have to wait to get in until Oct. 7th. But I know her already and she is very experienced. I hate my life right now!!!!!

It seems issues you have to
It seems issues you have to deal are extremely complicated, however I guess you have been able to handle quite a lot already..Just sustain for a while and time will make the difference..