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On the road to burnout?

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On the road to burnout?

Hi, I've recently realized I'm a caregiver. My mom has RA and a long list of other medical issues. We've lived together forever so I didn't really put two and two together until now. I am 32, married with a 3 yr. old. I lost my job 6 months after my daughter was born and it just made sense for me to stay home and take care of mom and the kiddo. My husband works full-time and luckily my mom has SSI and 100% disability from the Army. Things are sometimes tight financially but we make it through. Also I have FMS. Things have gotten a lot tougher since we moved five months ago. The good thing is we now live in a ranch style home where mom has access to everything on one floor. Downside is her health has been really bad since the move. She has a new rheumatologist, who we love, but getting her back to a good place has become an uphill battle. It seems every two weeks we have an obstacle in the way. It has been difficult for me but I'm worried about my mom. She's been put on anti-depressants (as soon as they arrive by mail order we're required to use) but I feel like she's given up. I'm usually just trying to keep her spirits up but I've been so angry, tired, guilty, stressed I don't know what to do. In this midst of this my husband has lost some of the vision in his eye and none of the doctors can explain why. He is super healthy and never had to deal with something like this. Between the two of them I feel so overwhelmed and helpless. All of this has exacerbated my fibro and now I feel like I'm spiraling into depression. I have three people to take care of and I'm just lost. I don't know what to do.


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