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Spinal cord injury caregiving

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Spinal cord injury caregiving

Looking for anyone who cares for their wife who has a spinal cord injury 30 year's plus. Both of us are 60 and I am the sole caregiver. Frustrated and depressed. 

SCI Caregivers

Guitarkire --  Are you still around?  Just checked in here myself.  I've been caregiving (or however you put it --  I never thought much about it until a week ago ) a paraplegic wife for 30 years.  It has been an adventure worth having -- I'm pretty good with wheelchair brake adjustments, Stage 4 pressure wounds, UTI's, incontinence (in exotic locales ...), foley catheters, wet sheets ...  been there, done that, got the t-shirts...  I would marry her again in 20 seconds ...  But just when you think it's all covered and on course ...

If you are still around, check back in...