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Tired of beating myself up

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Tired of beating myself up

I have taken care of my mother for 14 years. She moved in with my husband and I almost 15 years ago. Her primary illness is diabetes, but there are other things going on with her as well. I am the youngest of 3 children, my two siblings live less than 10 minutes away but I am the only one that does anything for our mom. She pays nothing, I pay for everything. I work full time as does my husband. When I have a day off, I am told constantly of my failures. When I ask my siblings for help, time off, anything just for some alone time I either get told "no they are too busy" or "you are being selfish mom only wants you". I have not been alone in 14 years (we have been married 16 years next month). I feel like i'm going to snap. Does anyone know of a "chat" group that i could talk to other caregivers or people that understand the stress?

Sounds like you guys
Sounds like you guys definitely need some support. Check out local hospitals/diabetes specialists about groups or even start one on your own. Cabnmr - to help specifically with depression, check out NAMI.org and local support groups. I'm the caregiver for a terminally ill parent with borderline personality disorder and severe depression and the support groups through NAMI were AMAZING!
I would be interested as well
I would be interested as well, after finding out my husband was ill and became disabled our families disowned us. I am left to provide and care for a shadow of the man I married as he slips into a depression that shakes his will to live. I'm angry- and bone weary tired.