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<p>I have just joined&nbsp; the forum. My wife Eileen was diagnosed with Alzheimer a bit more than two years ago. I am 80 years old and Eileen is 74. I am Eileen's full time care giver. I am helped by our three children. About a year before the diagnosis I noticed that Eileen had become forgetful and assumed it was age that I noticed but I was wrong, memory loss worsened. We took Eileen to a Neurologist and after numerous tests we were informed that Eileen had Alzheimer; the family was devastated.</p>

<p>What do we do? How do we care for Mom? Questions went on and on. We all researched and shared each of our findings which helped us get on track with respect to Mom's care at home. Memory loss worsened. Medication has kept the Alzheimer&nbsp;from accelerating however, its progress is steady. My physical health is as good as it can be given that I have an incurable cancer. My greatest worry is that I may not be able to continue as Eileen's full time care giver and be with her to the end and that h=thought is tearing me up inside.</p>

<p>God bless you all.</p>