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Wife cares for mother-in-law

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Wife cares for mother-in-law

My mother-in-law started showing signs of dementia in 2013. 

My wife moved her to a hospital, then to a rehab facility, and then back to her mother's house.  My wife cares for her mother everyday, 24 hours a day.  She doesn't get enough sleep because she is up late and during the middle of the night caring as well.

My wife demurs putting her mother in a care facility because she has been mostly lucid.  But recently she has been confused about where she is and forgetting who her daughter is. 

This ordeal is taxing for both of us.  I was thinking it would be better to put my mother-in-law in a home where she will be taken care of.  My wife however is against the idea even while she continues to work hard to care for her mother.  Is there anything I can do to help the situation and help my wife? 

I think you need to support

I think you need to support your wife because she is working hard for mother too. Advice her also to visit her mother most often and always be with her she needs company.