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Uncle gets angry for no reason

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Uncle gets angry for no reason

My uncle lives with me and he has been getting more and more irritable as time goes on.  He can go from sitting calmly on the sofa watching TV one minute and then in an angry outburst the next.  He knows his behavior has changed too.  After snapping at me he apologizes, but it's hard to take all the time.  Wondering if others are going through the same situation and how you're handling it. 


Is your uncle taking any medication specifically for the outburts? 

Aggression was a symptom that I was extremely worried about in my partner. Due to abuse in a past relationship, I knew it would likely be a deal breaker for me as a caregiver. And prior to his diagnoses, my partner had a difficult time managing anger until we went to couples counseling. He was able to learn to manage his anger better and things were smooth sailing. But I am always worried that HD will bring it all back. So far, not yet. But he is also on anti-anxiety and anti-depression medication. Both are suggested by HDSA (see http://hdsa.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/Managing-Aggression-in-HD_Garima-Arora_ver005.pdf). Perhaps that is what has kept the aggression at bay.

The link also has strategies for reducing aggression.

Hope this helps.