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Hi, I'm new to the sight.  my spouse has young-onset Parkinson's.  He was diagnosed 10 years ago with PD, his condition has gotten worst since 2017 when he had deep brain stimulation surgery.  He since has behavioral changes, split personality, addictive behaviors, loss of concentration, depression, suicidal thoughts, loss of appetite, losing physical strength, memory loss, and no longer able to live independently.  He started having an affair in 2018, 2 months ago the mistress talked him into moving out of his home into an apartment.  She moved in with him and now expects him to support her for the rest of her life.  His old self misses his family and wants to move home, but his new self isn't allowing him to do so.  Plus the mistress is controlling his life now.  My spouse wants my help to move him home, but the new self doesn't allow it.  He told me 2 days ago the end is near, which means he needs to move into assisted living.  What do we do?  It's bad enough he's not well, but to have another person controlling a sick person is making it difficult and we have exhausted all our options.  Any ideas?



Did you know what happened?

Since I have been working in the health care industry and I can proudly say that health and happiness are the biggest blessings and most of the people ignore it. I know a few people who are in their late 60's and they still jog like kms daily. We at Lincoln Home Care encourage and help eldersin their work like meal preparation, medicine reminders, grocery shopping, playing games with them. So they could live a happy life.