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taking care of my grandfather

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taking care of my grandfather

I recently moved to Seattle from Los Angeles to take care of my grandfather who has Parkinson's. My grandmother passed away one year ago and since I can work from home and he needs help I thought it was the right thing to do. He has difficulty swallowing his food which makes meal times difficult.  Sometimes he is unable to walk and it takes a long time for him to speak because his jaw shakes.  I've been taking care of hime for about 3 months.  I was just wondering if there were others out there like me who are taking care of the grandmother or grandfather with Parkinson's.

Good that you have taken care

Good that you have taken care of your grandfather.

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Bless the Stay at Home Family Caregiver!

Paul - that is so sweet that you are taking care of your Grandfather! I married a silver fox so he was already older than me. He is now 75 and diagnosed with PD about 3-years ago and I am thanking the stars that I am able to work from home. While I did not have to move to be with him I have found that our home is becoming less accessable for his mobility. He has hand tremors and leg shakes we are trying to manage with medication and trying to figure out safety updates but I see him loosing himself. Stay strong and do what you can to take care of you! I also have my aging dad and a grandson that is a 3-year old autisic bull in a fine china shop.