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I've taken my mom to the doctor and besides her back being bad because of age, everything else checks out fine. The problem is everyweek she finds something new wrong with her. She wanted me to buy her asthma medicine because she said she can't breath (she doesn't have asthma). I bought her a vicks inhaler. Doc say's this is common in older people getting dementia. Anyone else have this problem?

Doesn't anyone have this
Doesn't anyone have this problem I'm having? Is anyone taking care of someone who is going through this same thing? I'm feeling kinda lonely here. patsvinsanity
I'm done!
I'm done!
Yes you have to just do what
Yes you have to just do what you have to do for is what it is
Holy crow! Yes! I just
Holy crow! Yes! I just joined the forum to get some support. My 85 year old father moved in with me in April after my Mom passed in January from a very quick bout with pancreatic cancer. Every day, my father has a new ailment, ranging from arthritic knees and ankles to lung cancer, kidney failure, etc. I'll give him the arthritis, but everything else is just ridiculous. I don't understand why he wants to be sick. I know he is lonely, but we have so many activities during the week to keep him busy. And we have seen more doctors and have exhausted all potential remedies for his ailment of the day. We haven't hit asthma yet. But I am exhausted. The newest now is that he wants to get some pressure bands for his knees, a portable pedaler, wants to see an acupuncturest. Everything else is fine. For 85, the guy is doing awesome. We just got labs result recently and his labs are better than mine. He demanded that we go to the hospital last weekend for "mucus". After I talked him off the ledge (I used to be an EMT) and asked if he wanted to go by ambulance and what symptoms should we tell the ER doctor, who may take his time away from a heart patient, the ailment subsided. I am at my wits end. It isn't what it is. We need to find some resolution. Keep me posted and I will do the same. I am done too.