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Can't handle my mom

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Can't handle my mom

Hi all, my mom has been staying with me for the past 7 months and she has been suffering from Parkinson’s disease. She always repeats the same phrase again and again. She keeps on calling us always for help and keeps silent when we are with her. She refuses to sit in the same place for more than a few minutes and ran out of the house sometimes. It makes me really scared and it’s a bit difficult for me to handle her at this situation. So I am planning to appoint a skilled nursing service for her from Prestige care ( ). Any suggestions would be highly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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Me, too


I'm in nearly the same situation, Linda_333.  My guy is 70 with advanced Parkinson's disease.  Parkinson's and dementia go hand in hand.  I've had to deal with a few escapes and many escape attempts.  Distraction is a good tool.  "Would you like to eat before you go?" etc.  Your mom may be past this and in need of assisted living / memory care.  That's where my guy is headed. He's checking out care facilities at his own request, it's down to two and he's going to try the food at both places.  He simply began to need more than I could provide.  

I'm sorry to hear of your situation, but I'm in a better position to sympahize than advise. Parkinson's, dementia, senility; growing old isn't for wimps.