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Caregivers of adult children

Hi. I am hoping to connect with other parents taking care of their adult mentally/physically/ medically fragile children. I used to be a regular on this forum before the change over a couple of yrs back, but found the new layout frustrating and difficult to navigate.I've decided to give it another try because I miss the support so very much. I am caregiver to my 30 yr old son who has CP, Crohns disease, seizure disorder, asthma, pulmonary dysplasia, and is intellectually challenged. He had been trached since he was 6, and on a ventilator since age 8. Needless to say it's been a rough and Rocky road, with many many ups and downs. My son is my sun! And I love him dearly.I can't imagine my life without him. I get very lonely, and sad, and angry sometimes.I no longer have any friends nearby.My other children no longer live nearby and have families of their own. I haven't had any kind if social life for the past 10 yrs. Are there any other parents out there that can relate with me? I'm getting older, and am even starting to worry what will happen should my son outlive my husband and I? Any comments will be appricated! J

I'm not sure if anyone even
I'm not sure if anyone even reads these posts.but I've found it beneficial to at least write it down, and send out to cyberspace! I'm having a really rough day already, and it's only 8a.m.! My son has chronic c-dif and already I've cleaned him up four times this morning. I still have vital signs, shampoo, and complete bed bath to do.not to mention dressing changes and suction as needed.He also has to have his therapy vest and breathing treatments, and all his morning meds ( via g-tube ).I'm just really tired this morning.