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Caretaker for my mom

Hi all,  My mom is having Alzheimer's. As a working lady, I'm not able to take care of her properly. So we had ended up with an alternative arrangement, looking for the assistance of a professional caregiver. I had already contacted Prestige care, Oregon who are providing both assisted living and caretaker services. Actually, I'm befuddled, which is better? My sister-in-law and her child are staying with my spouse and me. Since we three ( sister, spouse and me) are working, most of the time, my mom will be alone in the house. Is it safe to choose a live-in caretaker for her? Or Does she get more care in an assisted living center? Share your thoughts.

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In case you still are looking for help, there are a number of options that can pick up various aspects of caring for your Mom and helping to relieve a little of your burden (and your other family members).  My wife and I used to have senior helpers drop in and take care of a number of areas for my mother-in-law, while we still had to do all the appointments keeping and working with doctors.  It got really pricey with all the time racked up by these senior helpers. A couple months ago we started using a personal health hub business to take a good portion of the burden of us and we have saved money as well.  The company is VeruStat ( and they provided us a health coach to take care of all the care coordination and provided my mother-in-law medical devices to monitor her vitals and to ensure she was taking her medication correctly. The important part for my mother-in-law is that they do all this remotely and contact us if any issues arise. And they are significantly cheaper over the course of a month than paying an hourly senior helper.  We still do have the helper come out to assist with some cooking and cleaning, but we have been able to reduce that time in half, which saves us money even after the amount we pay for this other service. Selfishly for us, we've been able to focus more on our own life and have not had to nag and worry as much about her. They might not be right for you, but worth checking out.  Hope this helps or leads to another service that might give you some relief!

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Assisted living centres are a

Assisted living centres are a good option

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It is better if you check the

It is better if you check the pros and cons, not just for you but also for your mother. You can inquire more here--- they provide excellent caregiver services .