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Is cataract surgery safe?

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Is cataract surgery safe?

My husband has developed cataracts and he was noticing halos around street lights at night and glare from bright lights during the day. His cataracts were developing in both of his eyes, with my right eye much worse than my left.  My husband is tensed because the eye specialist prescribed cataract surgery for him. It is scheduled for the coming week. What are the possible side effects of the cataract surgery? 


Cataract Surgery

As a former employee of an opthalmolgist who did cataract surgeries with intra-ocular lens implant.  Without it, your spouse will most likely go blind.  Although the thought of someone operating on the eye can be scary, modern medicine and improved techniques have made this a standard of care that most everyone will face at some point as they age.  Most likely he will have one eye done, then two weeks later have the other eye done.  If, after the initial cataract surgery he develops a "film" over the eye, it is quite common and easily fixed with a laser treatment called a YAG procedure.  About 50% of persons who have cataract surgery develop the "after cataract" and have the YAG procedure.  Medicare readily pays for cataract and after cataract surgeries.  Some people even get such good results, they no longer require glasses.