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Exploring options for caregiver support

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Exploring options for caregiver support

Hello to all of you long time forum members. I found my way here from a reference in a recent Diabetes Forecast magazine article. I am a caregiver to two family members, my partner has epilepsy and migraines, with some other less severe conditions and my mom who lives independently at 83 years old with diabetes, neuropathy, arthritis, and early dementia, but needs a lot of help from me to stay "independent". I have developed some of my own chronic health conditions that are making it harder to take care of us all, and am the main income provider for my partner and me, though I've been unemployed for a year now, and still job hunting. I was diagnosed with major depression (moderate) a year and a half ago, and still struggle with that too. This looks like a good place to share ideas and community with other caregivers. mk

Welcome, mk. I'm new here
Welcome, mk. I'm new here myself. I was a part of a very nice support forum that was shut down at the end of the year so a lot of us mirgrated over here. I'm still getting the hang of it. With 2 people to care for you have a lot on your plate and I'm sure that you've been told countless times that caregiving does lead to depression. Not in everyone I suppose but I've yet to talk with a caregiver who has not experienced depression. But I think I understand the depression you mean. The clinical, can't-function, medication is necessary depression. I hope you're getting treatment and are beginning to feel a little better. Depression is crippling. While I've had my bouts of depression my main thing is anxiety. I get very stressed out. I cared for my dad for 5 years in my home and a few months ago he went into skilled care. I thought the burden would be lifted but I was thrust into the world of insurance and medicaid and it got to the point whenever I went to see my dad the staff would pounce on me with questions and concerns and forms and information. Finally I broke down on the phone to my brother and he took over all of that stuff and talked to the staff and told them to quit bugging me every time I go and see our dad. I had been handling everything for so long everyone assumed I was so capable but it was hurting me, my health, my emotional well-being, etc. Do you have any kind of support? Someone who can take over for a few days while you take it easy? When people used to ask me this I'd laugh in their faces. If I had support I wouldn't be so crazy anxious all the time! But like I finally had to turn things over to my brother, do you have a sibling or other family member who can shoulder some of the responsibility? I look back on the caregiving (which I did up until very recently) and wonder how I did it all. I hope to see you again, mk!
Welcome, mk. This is a new
Welcome, mk. This is a new forum setting for National Family Caregivers Association. We are all trying to get "the hang" of it. There is a link at the bottom of the page CAREGIVER RESOURCES. Click on it check out the "10 Tips for Family Caregivers" and the Family Caregiver Toolbox. You may find some words of wisdom from the first and some tools to help you in the second. We look forward to seeing you. Feel free to vent; someone will actively listen. The worst you may get is unwanted advice. I have been a caregiver for adult relatives for 13 yrs. Caregiving is a roller coaster of emotions as you have found. Be sure to MAKE TIME for YOU so you can continue to do the good job you are doing. xoxoxo