Taking care of my fiancé's elderly Aunt and I am terrified

Im 19, taking care of my fiance's elderly Aunt and I am terrified.

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Im 19, taking care of my fiance's elderly Aunt and I am terrified.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Sierra. I am taking care of my paryner's elderly Aunt and I have read up on everything I can. She is diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure. She is already to the point where she has 100lbs of retained water, can't even stand, and simple tasks such as eating is too hard for her. She has a bedside commode and couldnt get up at all. I am only 19, fresh out of high school, and I am a recovering addict. But I am the only person who can take care of her. I am the only one who has the time or even the patience. My partner, Kaitlyn, loves her very very much. And she is worried that taking care of Lillie will be so stressful on me that it will cause issues between us. How can I efficiently balance my life with Kaitlyn and take care of Lillie? A woman's life always comes first, I know this and will not do anything to harm her in ANY WAY. But if Kaitlyn and I have so many issues we break up, Lillie would have to go into a nursing home and she doesn't want to be there. Any tips?

Well I am in lil bit same sit
Well I am in lil bit same sit...except I am 32 have 5 kids and my partner has one ..and I am on a farm caring for his 96 yr old gpa with dementia. I've worked in the nursing home for 5 years plus hone are for 2..so bit more experience. What you want to know ..just ask:)
I'm in a similar situation. I
I'm in a similar situation. I turned 20 in June. I'm caring for my 87 year old grandmother while working in an independent living home as a full care provider. It's challenging and very lonely. Always have an ear for listening. :)