Keep track of multiple healthcare providers and appointments

Keep track of multiple healthcare providers and appointments

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Keep track of multiple healthcare providers and appointments

New to the forum and wondering. How many folks have a relative who’s recently fallen ill and now have multiple doctors and providers? Has anyone had a hard time keeping track of all the care going on?

Andrew, Welcome to the board if you would like to tell us a little about yourself we would be glad to listen. As for keeping track of things that is one of the most important parts of your job. Very often there will be multiple Doctors and other medical professionals working on a single patient. In general they will not talk to each other. So it will be up to you to track the various medications and be sure they are all aware of what other doctors are prescribing, track the appointments and be sure transport is arraigned to get there and back. It's not easy and many of us have tools developed. I used a spreadsheet and if you email me I will be glad to send it to you.
Thanks Dave,
Thanks Dave, My father was diagnosed with prostate cancer a few years ago and I know that treatment requires lots of tracking and organization. We're creating a private dashboard to make it easy to track different providers and treatment regimens, as well as share with other family members. Hope it can help simplify things.
Andrew, Click on "Resources" at the top of the page; then click on "Family Caregiver Toolbox on the list to the R. You will find subjects like Manage your medicications; manage your caregivers, etc. NFCA has given us tools on this website caregivers did not have on the last website. CharMing xoxoxo
Oh yes. When my grandma
Oh yes. When my grandma first moved in she had therapy and specialist appointments. Along with her normal doctor visits and my teens had appointments. I have to keep a calendar and I just check it every day. You have to make it apart of your life. Oh I also put post it notes if I know I'm going to forget in the bathroom and by the back door. Kitchen cabinets work well too lol. It's crazy but at least it's organized:-)
you may also want to look at
you may also want to look at a app for your phone called unfrazzle. I hear it works well.
You're not alone!

My husband was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 oral cancer. I had a really hard time keeping all the 7 doctors, physical therapist, occupational therapist, speech therapist & 11 medications straight.


I made a schedule for meds & set alarms so that I don't miss them. I wrote the entire thing out on paper & posted it on the fridge (this also doubles as a med list to take to the doctor's appointments).

I saved all the providers info to my phone & use my smartphone to track appointments times & places (be sure to add travel time).

I set one weekday aside for my own appointments & for errands. (This also helps so that you know what days you'll need someone to help)



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