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My wife is sick

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My wife is sick

When thinking about being a caregiver we often think about our grandparents and parents, but what about a spouse? Where’s the blessing in that? I’ve been a caregiver for several family members, but what happens when the caregiver needs care? It’s too easy to offer help and give help, but where I fall short is in asking for help. I need a caregiver too. A spouse does so much to fill the gaps, but what happens when the spouse falls short? Do you just go without or do you look for help elsewhere?


My wife is sick. She’s been sick for over a month. She has been suffering from excruciating pain in her neck, shoulder and arm. She tried 3 sessions of physical therapy and it didn’t help. She had x-rays, EKGs, blood tests, urine test and finally an MRI. She was diagnosed with a herniated disk between C6 and C7 cervical vertebrae. The spine surgeon recommended anterior cervical discectomy and fusion (ACDF) surgery which was scheduled for 12/6/16. It’s gotten so serious they moved it up to 11/29/16, in 4 days.


A man’s got to know his limitations. I think I’ve just exceeded mine.


Lots of light

Just wanted to say I'm so sorry and it's hard but some how to seen to manage.  I hope she is feeling better and sending you both tons of light.