Need help with 88 year old grandma who has signs of dementia

need help with 88 year old grandma who has starting signs of dementia

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need help with 88 year old grandma who has starting signs of dementia

My grandmother is 88, her 54 year old son, she has starting signs of dementia......I hate that my mother and her siblings will not step up in this situation and i am scared for her.....My uncle is a bisexual male who is finicially ruining my grandmother.......and she doesnt see what he is doing.......he collects disability and has racked up 8000 dollars on her c/c, then talked her into taking a loan out for 5000, then went and took a car loan out.....i believe he is selling drugs to supplement his money......we went and hadpoa put in my moms name and her will changed he underminded that and went and had everything changed, ive called the police, office of the aging, no one seems to have any answers when my grandma continues to allow him control andsays hes the perfect child, someone please help me, my hearts breaking cause im loosing my grandma not only physically but mentally and i dont want her last little bit of time to be like this.....

If you feel your grandmother
If you feel your grandmother is being financially abused, contact your state's dept of elderly services & report it. You can remain anonymous. They will step in & assess the situation. Also let the Social Security Administration know if her social security check is involved. Consider hiring an attorney who specializes in elder law to review grandma's paperwork & work in her best interests. RE: dementia Has grandma been tested for a bladder infection? A bladder infection can bring on what seems to be dementia. The Social Security Administration does not recognize POA's. They only recognize the Representative Payee they appoint. I am representative for a sister-in-law. Be proactive on behalf of grandma. You sound like you are perfectly capable of handling the situation.