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Please help

hello, I am only a month into caring for my parents who both have very different but serious illnesses. I am already at a loss of what to do and where do I go now feeling. My siblings live in other states and dont really understand the magnitude of whats going on down here.I am 34 caring for my parents I moved into their home because they were financially and psycially not able to take care of them selves. well, I have exhausted all of my funds and resources and to top it off the transmission went on the car so now no transportation. I left my family to do come help them and as happy I am to be here for them I'm loosing everthing and everyone in my life including my partner and kids. This is the first time I got to vent and it helps. I would appreciate any input on my situation...Im lost.

Jo, the first thought that
Jo, the first thought that comes to mind is - we can't be everything to everyone. Something has to give, and unfortunately, it seems as if your situation is starting to give way... :-( You have to take a good, honest look at your situation - what you can presently accomplish, where your priorities are, what you can provide for those you love. You need some help, that much is evident - you can't do it all!! Start by asking questions and seeking out community/local resources to intervene with your parents' care. It is difficult to manage one household, let alone be jumping between two, and without reliable transportation. Perhaps, too, you can accompany your parents to any doctors appointments and get a handle on where things are going as far as their overall health and prognosis. Consider seeking out information and support from groups supporting folks with their diagnosis(ses). There are so many threads to untangle, and you can only manage one at a time. I find that making lists helps me. It also may help to talk to an uninvolved third party (counselor, pastor, wise friend, etc) for perspective on your situation. Best of luck in this journey!