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power of attorney and abusing it

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power of attorney and abusing it

OK so im a 20 yr old women who has been taking care of my grandparents for a few years.... they raised me because my mother didn't want me so they gave me to her ... anyways my grandparents gave my mother power of attorney. After having the power not even 24 hrs after getting it she had me thrown out of the house by the police and now im not allowed to call or go see them because she said so...... the police said that since she has the POA as we will call it she can have me arrested... so if you think you can help please comment because I love my grandparents with all my heart and they call me every night telling me to come home ... what do I do

My mother was abusing her poa
My mother was abusing her poa as well. Depending on the state you live in you can get in touch with their Senior rights group. As soon as my mother threatened my grandma she changed it to me. Hang in there. My grandparents also raised me for quite a few years. Hire an attorney. You have to prove they are not in good hands with her as POA. I'm sure you can do it. This alone is enough to say something isn't right.
POA's do not go into effect
POA's do not go into effect until a dr/court deems the person unable to make valid decisions for their health or assets. Paperwork is not normally signed one day to go into effect the next. The POA's (healthcare & durable) I hold do not give me the right to remove people from my relative's house. It could be a different story if I were the court-appointed guardian. If you strongly feel your mother is abusing your grandparents, contact the Dept of Adult Protective Services. In your state.