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Resentment - what do I do?

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Resentment - what do I do?

My wife suffered a hemmorhagic stroke one year ago. She is making great strides with OT, PT and ST but still requires a lot of care. I have four kids at home ranging in age from 11 to 18, so not only am I assisting with bathing, dressing, cooking, medicines, appointments, housecleaning, and all the other daily needs, but also with the needs of the kids, like rides to and from activities, help with homework, laundry, routine colds and illnesses, It's been a wonderful time for the most part, but I am suddenly getting very tired, every day. Prior to her stroke I was a health administrator; we were financially in a good place, and my career was satisfying. Now we struggle day to day, I can't work full time because of all that has to be done, so I am working part time.  I just want to sit down sometimes and not worry about anything, but that never happens. I have never had counselling before but I'm wondering if it helps - anyone take that route? I don't want to develop resentments, and fight them every day.

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I am not sure what state you are from, but in some states you can apply for PCA hours and this will help you bring in someone to help take care of your wife and give you a break so that you are not constantly overwhelmed.