Started Hospice at home today I'm scared

Started Hospice at home today...I'm scared

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Started Hospice at home today...I'm scared

I moved home 3 years ago to assist Mom with Dad who has heart disease, mild dementia and a host of other ailments. Mom passed away suddenly from a brain tumor- diagnosed Oct 3rd and she passed Oct 19th. Suddenly, I was planning her funeral and taking care of Dad on my own. We buried her Nov 19th and Dad came down with pneumonia and congestive heart failure on Dec 3rd. After 6 weeks in the hospital, my brother and I realize this is a vicious cycle for Dad, the Docs say he won't get better and we should start hospice. I'm scared to death because frankly, it's just me. When my brother is done visiting, he can leave for his house and family while I have no one to lean on. Hospice does have a nurse and aide coming in a few times a week, but otherwise it's just me. I've had to suspend/give up my business. Dad is fighting me on the bathroom issue- he needs lots of assistence and must wear a diaper. I know he is scared and feels humiliated. How do I help him understand he needs to let me help him? Also, does anyone have any tips as to how I can raise him higher on the bed by myself? I was shown "trending" but that's with someone assisting. I have the sheet under him and the chux/pad but he's slid too far down the hospital bed to be very comfortable. Please tell me this gets easier or should I say more comfortable. thank you...

I took care of my mother
I took care of my mother while she was on Hospice. I feel for you. We set her hospital bed up so that I could get around it and pull the "drag sheet" up by the corners from the top of the bed. My mom weighed very little so I could do it but it's still a challenge. The sheet was long enough it could be pulled multiple times a day. Also if you lay him flat and elevate the foot it makes it easier to slide him. Good luck and take care of yourself.