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stressing and lonely

Hi everyone thought i was stronger than i am this is very stressful my husband has frozen Parkinsons he falls alot his feet is like suction cups he has to be watched 24/7 he sits all day in one spot wont go out the house unless going to the doctor wont talk unless i ask a question he may answer me i love him dearly but i find myself crying because i feel banded Stuck dont know what to say to him can someone give me some tips on keeping my sanity and getting him out the chair i bought him a dog for thearpy figuring he would rub, play, and take the dog for a walk instead he acts like the dog doesnt exist

I can totally relate to how
I can totally relate to how you are feeling. My wife has given up on life, and it feels like i have been abandoned. She has given up on keeping up the house or herself, even though her condition does not prevent her from doing so. How do you get past this? And forget an actual marriage "relationship". I feel more like a roomate that pays all the bills.
That must be so difficult
That must be so difficult Chloe, I am sorry you have to go through this. I care for my dad 93 ( who lives with us) and partially care for my husband who needs back surgery and has PTSD and depression. I feel torn between my time with both of them. We have to make time for ourselves otherwise we get too resentful. Any other family members or resources in your area to help??? What can your husband physically do? Sounds like he is depressed too, will he see a counselor?