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taking care of parents

My parents and I live together and I have taken care of them off and on during different events in their lives. I am unemployed right now and my father is not allowed to drive for a while now temporarily , my mom doesnt like to drive so i drive them everywhere and take them to appts. Is there anyway I can be paid to take care of my parents? I really don't like asking it becuase I dont do it for money, but since i am unemployed and I am always away doing their things I was curious,,

I feel your pain. I lost my
I feel your pain. I lost my job again in 2012 and my siblings wanted to place my mother in a nursing home. I had always told my mother I would never allow her to go to a nursing home, no matter what. Since I was again unemployed we moved my mother from her home up north to our home in the south. I did alot of research to see if I could get paid to care for her due to the loss of my job however it is my understanding that she would have to apply for Medicaid and if she was eligible I could then be paid as her caregiver. I never did apply for the Medicaid as I want her to remain on her Medicare. It has been financially difficult but we get by. I would contact your local Social Services for Aged to check on your situation.
Hi -- I think that's good
Hi -- I think that's good advice from Diane. All the best to you both.