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In Need of Advice
I have been a live in caregiver for my grandmother for the past six years. She just moved into a nursing home two weeks ago. I know it is for the best, and I can no longer give her the care that she deserves. She still believes she is going to be able to come home, and she is fighting my dad and aunts that this is a permanent thing. I'm almost 28, and I have had more stress related illnesses this past month than ever. I suffer from migraines. I've missed several days of work, as an aide with special education. I can't seem to catch my breath. I've been put on antidepressants, too. My coworkers tell me that I am too sick for someone my age. I don't know how to stop and rest anymore. It has all been too much. My mom was sick and passed away 7 years ago as well. So I have been a caregiver for a long time. I don't regret it at all. I just need a break. Do you have any advice for finding balance after caregiving? What do I do now? It kind of feels as if I'm grieving, and feel guilty for feeling any relief. What are some things that have helped you find purpose? Any advice, prayers, and words of encouragement are greatly appreciated.
My sister suffers from

My sister suffers from migraines just like you. At first, we also took him to the doctor and brought back a lot of medicine. But after taking it for 3 days, the disease did not decrease or improve. Then get a suggestion from a family neighbor. My mother went to see the shaman after asking, before that she had lost two children when they were young, before they were even born. The mage splashed some water on her head. Immediately she felt light-headed and the illness completely disappeared in that moment. The story can be very hard to believe. But it appeared before my eyes. Please check it out. It may be of help to you Elastic man