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Aphasia and Therapy/Psych

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Aphasia and Therapy/Psych

I'm looking for advice on how to find a therapist (and psychiatrist) who can work with someone who has aphasia.

I am a caregiver for my father who had a stroke. He is experiencing depression and anger, which are normal responses after a stroke, but I think he could benefit from therapy as he deals with the stress of his medical issues and the changes they've required in his daily life. Unfortunately, due to the stroke he has aphasia and so communication is extremely difficult. He struggles to understand others and cannot follow a conversation that is happening at a normal pace. He often cannot find the words to make a sentence, and sometimes says a word that is factually incorrect but makes sense in the context (for example, this morning he said he work up at 7:30, but he meant 4:30, or he talks about my daughter, but I don't have children, he is referring to my sister). This obviously complicates therapy, and while I often understand him when others don't, I can't sit in on his therapy sessions if he is going to be able to open up about his challenges and feelings. 

I'd love any advice folks have to offer!