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Dealing with anger

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Dealing with anger

I'm the sole source of my partner's care. True, we have outside paid help we could engage, but I'm not always sure when or what I need. Mostly, I've been able to take care of everything myself and of course it is tiring. 

My partner deals with what was diagnosed 4 years ago as "mild Parkinson's." After 4 years, bad dreams and even partial hallucinations had begun to appear. He was prescribed a cognition medication 3x a day and it did not take long for me to figure out he needed it every 6 ours to stay himself and aware, even though he will drift away 15 minutes before the next pill is due. Given this regimen, it means a capsule at 12 midnight and 6 am which does cut into sleep, but the real problem is him getting up at night and wandering around a bit.

I'm off the point. Anger. I find myself getting frustrated and "losing it" which upsets him and me. I find myself even getting angry--briefly--at him for things he simply cannot help--and then I am heartily sorry and guilty.  I wonder what people are doing to help keep their emotions in check while constantly giving care.  It's just all so frustrating at times. By the way, he's 78 and I'm 73.








Thank you for sharing this.

Thank you for sharing this. It helps to hear from others that sometimes feel angry or frustrated. I know it is okay and I’m not alone.

It's normal to get angry

It's normal to get angry sometimes and at the same time feeling guilty. It's hard especially that you are the one who is always caring for him. Try talking it out with someone. Venting it out can help instead of supressing your own emotions.