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How do you know....

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How do you know....

....if you are doing and saying the right things?  My son is 23 diagnosed with depression and severe anxiety and lives at home with myself and my husband.  His depression didn't begin until he was 18 and away at college.  Before that he was a perfectly 'normal' kid..ran around with friends, participated in plays, band and other functions at his highschool. I know how to be that mom.  I don't know how to be the mother to a depressed young adult who starts to sweat in crowds from nerves, won't socialize(except through a computer game), and is constantly angry/sad/shut-down/defeated.  I'm terrified I'm saying or not saying things I need to in order to help him.  I'm terrified I'm not pushing him enough.  I'm terrified in general that I'm f**king up. He's tried several meds and nothing has worked to bring him out of his depression.  He had a therapist for awhile but with work and school it's difficult to schedule anything consistently.  He also doesn't have insurance and ours is awful and won't cover mental health things like depression counseling. We aren't at a place that we can shell out $100-$175 each week to cover it either. So here we are, floating in the void. waiting to see if he'll slide deeper into himself.  I know there is no one size fits all solution to anything but any guidance would be appreciated. 

Hi, I know that this was posted quite a while back but as a mother with 3 boys/men, each with their own challenges, I felt moved to let you're not alone.