Need caregiving help for renal failure and mental illness

Need caregiving help for renal failure and mental illness

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Need caregiving help for renal failure and mental illness

My wife has multiple health issues including end-stage renal failure and severe bipolar with anxiety. She also has a hoarding problem, mostly stuffed animals, dolls, and toys. Our house is filled with them,  and I'm afraid this is going to complicate getting her the help she needs at home as her physical health deteriorate. 

I've been caring for her for many years and intend to as much as possible for as long as possible. Right now it's not too bad. She occasionally needs help getting to the bathroom at night without falling. When she falls, she can't get up. I'd like to hire someone to sit up all night and be available to assist her if she needs it, just so I can have a break. Eventually she'll need help every night, and at that point hiring someone will be a necessity. 

Because of my wife's "collections" our house is very crowded, and getting her to eliminate anything is a slow and sometimes painful process. Right now the most I could do for a hired caregiver is put a chair in the kitchen. Is it possible or realistic to expect someone to just sit in a chair all night waiting to provide help when/if help is needed? 

I need to get this sorted out now while help is just a luxury to give me a break once in a while, and not wait until it's an absolute necessity. (And I don't even know what will happen when she gets to the point of needing hospice care.)


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