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Mega Project John
Control Wandering

Mom has had Alz for over ten years without declining below the first stage.  Recently, she had two incidents that concern me.  First, she woke up thinking she was on a boat.  She yelled out the front door for help, but she stayed in the house because it was "too cold to swim."  I found out after she called 9-1-1 and the sheriff called me.  The second incident she left the house (a double-wide in my back yard) around 2 am and returned after a few minutes.  If she hadn't returned, I would not have known until the next morning.  I would not want her out in her PJs for several hours on a cold winter night.

Are there any solutions beyond hiring a caregiver to stay overnight?


Hello John,

I would have an idea:

e offer you a Pressure sensitive detector mat and a Motion detector in bed. We offer two products for home care, which are of valuable help for the assistance of the elderly. About us: Based on our conception and experience, we have developed a “Pressure sensitive detector mat” and a “Motion detector in bed” (via radiofonic). With our „pressure sensitive detector mat“ you will see the huge benefits as the risk of falls and the dangers which can arise from patients wandering off or becoming disoriented can be considerably reduced. Caring for the elderly with Alzheimer’s, sleepwalking or people with walking difficulties is often a challenge for relatives and caregivers. At the same time, those who are in need of care should not have their freedom of movement limited unnecessarily in order to ensure that their quality of life and their independence is maintained within reasonable limits. We offer valuable help in this regard. For more information:

I hope that I could help u with these advise.