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Could use some input .. please.

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Could use some input .. please.

Let me give you a little background first. I take care of my Mother . She is 94 yrs old and in realtively good healh. Shes is on o2 , has some memory issues but all in all pretty good. She has been falling maybe once a year for the last few years. No serious damage to speak of ( thank goodness). But this last time ( about 3 weeks ago) she scraped her are ..some bleeding but not much else.  I usually bring a chair in. ( make sure its stable) and let her use it to help get up on her knees and hten stand. While shes barely 110 lbs im still not going to be able to lift her. Well this time it took her a lot longer . And frankly that unsettled me.  Id rather not have to call neighbors , My sister and her husband from the townover or anything to help.

  So i set out to see fi there was something that would help .( not a hoyer). I came up with a bit of a crazy option and id like your input.   if i could help her move on to a deflated  inflatable chair and it could inflat with her on it . .it would put her in a sitting position about 12 -16 inches high. Am i totally off my rocker?  What do you think of this idea?