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Family Caregiving Pay Questions

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charlotte wehner
Family Caregiving Pay Questions

I am a live-in 24-7 caregiver for my sister, who is receiving disability. I do the cooking, housekeeping, and grocery shopping. I also help with daily activities such as bathing & dressing and making sure meds are taken correctly. I provide all transportation to any needed appointments. Her sight is very limited and she is easily confused when we leave the home atmosphere; just leaving home is a major effort. We cannot afford to pay for this type of care, this has prevented me from holding down a job and has now become a financial burden. My social security plus her disability is just barely allowing us to get by monthly. Are there programs that pay a caregivers who are providing care for a family member who is receiving disability and has a limited income? How and where do I start this process, we live in CO? Thank you for your help.

Your department of human
Your department of human services should be able to provide a list of programs she could qualify for. If she has state insurance like medicaid they also have their own programs. Does she have a diagnosis of some type of dementia or blindness as they may have grant programs that may be able to assist you. I would be happy to help you research.