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Hiring for young AND old??

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Hiring for young AND old??

Hello and thank you for any guidance. I live in Raleigh, NC. I recently took in my parents. Mom has early to moderate Alzheimers and dad was just diagnosed with dementia. He was taking care of her but things started to slip as he progressed.  I also have a 3 and a 5 year old. Since my parents are both mild - confusion about meds, laundry, getting places, etc... I need someone for a few hours per day and am now faced with needing after school care for my kids so I can keep my full time job. I was wondering thoughts on hiring someone to take care of kids post school that also understands the needs of individuals with memory disorders. They adore being with the grandchildren which was a major impetus for taking them in - my mom does a 180 with them and is depressed without them. But I cannot afford to hire two separate caregivers? Thoughts? direction?

Hope This Helps

You might look into whether or not the state has any funding or programs available for you to hire someone on or if the state won't pay you for the time you spend caring for your parents (to offset the costs). This way you can guarantee someone can fill the spots you need covered, even if you have to hire a couple of people on.  Other than that, I guess my advice is if you hire someone make certain they're trained and educated.* Either before hand or shortly there after. Training and education can help develop best practices, which means more humane and dignified care and less likelihood of abuse. Experience can be a double edged sword since they might have engrained bad practices via previous employment (IE, nursing homes). After that, just make certain communication lines are open between all parties and keep an eye out for any red flags. Someone might start out well enough, but suddenly develop problems later on down the line. Something else that you might investigate is an adult day care. I've come across them conceptually during some of my research and heard good things. Anywho, hope that all helps. *Education here means they're well read on care and the conditions that your parents have. Higher education in psychology might also be helpful, but a degree might make it difficult to pay them an appropriate wage.