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Ileostomy Parent with Dementia

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Ileostomy Parent with Dementia

I'm caregiving my mom who is 81.    She has severe dementia [stage 6 of 7] AND has an ileostomy.  She recently  started removing her wafer [barrier, that part that connects her bag] replacing it with a towel.   Besides wasting a whole months worth of wafers in 6 days, the feces and acid are starting to eat her skin.   I can't seem to find a solution.   One nurse told me to put a flexible wrap around the whole bag so she can't get to it.   This would require some type of plastic canal piece underneath the bag to allow the bag to drain which is a possibility but maybe uncomfortable for her.   The other solution: maybe a weightlifting belt [very wide leather] that has a hole in it and is buckled up in back.   That way she could change the bag but not be able to pull the barrier off.  Anybody have another idea?  Any suggestions?  

ileostomy and Dementia

ThiTaping it down seems to be a great idea.s is a difficult problem.  My relative goes through stuff like this when she falls of the rails.  She will tear off her appliance for no reason or forget how to replace the appliance.  Also, doing it for your relative can help, even though it is close to the last thing on earth I want to do.  My relative changed my diapers so I can do something for her.  Good luck! 

ileostomy and dementia

Our family has just begun this terrible stage of life with a family member who is 81 and due to dementia can no longer take care of her ileostomy procedures. We are trying to figure out what kind of care there is available for people in this situation as she is not living in a care facility. I wonder if we are in a new situation since few people have lived with dementia and ileostomies.