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Open-Source for Caregiving

Are you using or wanting to apply open-source software to meet caregiving needs?

Since 2007, I've been using, writing, and integrating open-source technologies to assist in caregiving for my elderly father. For example, I've incorporated a growing number of inexpensive Android tablets ($50-100 each - sort of glorified, two-way, digital photo frames) running MobileWebCam to do motion-detection and forwarding images to Linux-based servers for further processing by my own software.

I'd like to know what open-source tools others are finding useful for safeguarding and assisting loved ones. Ideally, this would lead to a coordinated effort focused on finding, adapting (or creating where needed) open-source technologies well-tailored to caregiving-related needs.

Given all those with science/engineering and software-development skills out there who will sooner or later have a loved one in need of care, add to that the high cost and labor-intensiveness of long-term care, this seems like a very ripe area for turning small contributions into huge results over time.

So, if you appreciate an open-source approach, please share what you know as it relates to caregiving!

I use Google docs to keep
I use Google docs to keep track of my wife's current and past medications (dosage, schedule, identification, etc), doctors seen, major health events history, etc. I do it in Google so I can then access that data from my PC, tablet, or phone and easily share the info with family members or doctors. However, this involves constantly maintaining several separate documents and it is VERY easy to miss something and throw them out of currency. I would like to see comprehensive software to track all of this info (and more, such as which doctors know you have POA for the person you are caring for) and have that info tied into a method where it can easily be updated and/or viewed across device platforms as well as having the ability to share the info with doctors, hospitals, other family members, etc.