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Over 10 years - kids are suffering

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Over 10 years - kids are suffering

Hi. I've been caring for my husband for over 10 years - COPD followed by lung transplant rejection. The doctors believed he was dying 3 years ago - his liver is deteriorating, but it could be several more years yet.

My high school aged daughters have been living in a nursing home setting for the last 3 years. My oldest has considered suicide and is on depression medication. I and they have come to the end of our rope. My husband was recently placed in a 21 day rehab situation and I can't believe how the girls have blossomed. It has made me consider assisted living.

I mentioned it to my husband and he was very, very angry. I don't know where to go for assistance in making this very scary decision. Does he come back home with 24 hour care (with caregivers continuing to be "a part of the family") or do I force him into the other option (with all the guilt that would bring to all of us).

Is anyone out there have advice or information? Thank you so much.