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A Question Regarding Adult Diapers

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A Question Regarding Adult Diapers

I've been working as a caregiver for two years now (closing in on three) and my client has issues with wetting. As such, we have them in heavy duty diapers because when they're incontinent it goes everywhere. Even with our current diapers, it still soaks the diaper, their clothes, and some of the pads we have underneath them. Outside of prompting, there isn't a lot that can be done about that, it's just part of the territory. However, something that occurs to me is that we've got them in those heavy duty disposable diapers that are obviously diapers. I'm curious if there isn't something different that we could put them in, something reusable that looks like regular underwear, that is just as heavy duty as what we currently have. I'm pursuing this from two fronts: 1) The client's dignity and 2) Cost. I've spotted a few that look like they might be effective, but they also still look like diapers. I figure if it looks like undies the client might be happier and feel more 'normal.' It might also translate into them wetting less, though I'm not counting on that. As such, my question to you all, as fellow care givers that might be in a similar boat: Have you come across anything like this? That is high absorbency diapers that look like normal underwear? I think reusability is a must as well since it'll probably cost us more in the long run otherwise and we're already having to dig into our own pocket books to help support the client. I'd appreciate any suggestions.



Sadly when it comes to heavy duty, it tends to mean thicker.

Personally I would recommend a better product than Depends, they tend to be lower quality.

Check out, https://www.northshorecare.com/abena.html

They're one of the more expensive brands, but you pay for quality. 

Another one to check out would be http://www.xpmedical.com/molicare.html

Sadly I would not be able to recommend a reuseable one.


Good luck!

Effective adult diapers

I wanted to buy adult diapers for my Grandpa who has been facing severe incontinence issues lately. Just wanted to know as to which type of adult diaper would be most effective as well as budget friendly.  

I've had good luck with the

I've had good luck with the Tena brand from Amazon.  Good quality and at a reasonable price. 

Health Rite by Haband makes

Health Rite by Haband makes really low profile boxer briefs that have thick padding inside. I ordered for my dad and I was really happy when they came in. The padding is not thick enough to absorb the amount of liquid you have explained but depends brand has absobent inserts that are like maxi pads but larger and wider. My dad is not interested in any of it. I think this is the best combination I have found to preserve the patient's dignity.